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We are creators who love making dreams come true. The world of technology is changing and we are giving it a personality by creating engaging, interactive and entertaining content. Our greater Seattle based production team has the abilities to take your concept and turn it into a reality... or virtual reality. At Studio Capon, there is only one rule.... Dream with us.

Social Media

Does your company need insight on how to utilize socail media? Let us help you.

Virtual Reality

We create Immersive experiences designed for the masses.

Motion and Animation

Original content produced by our in house writers, animators, 3D artists and project managers.

Polygon Artists

Polygon Artists is a curated content platform dedicated to the promotion of excellence in art and interactive design. As XR companies continue to expand through social media platforms, we’ve developed media, marketing, and outreach channels to keep ahead of the curve. Among those channels Polygon Artists serves as a platform on which we test our media strategies. After netting 25K+ subscribers in under a year and growing fast, with millions of organic views, it’s the ideal platform and demographic for testing new ideas and content, while promoting our talented colleagues.

Managed Media Services

our guide's to production and publication. Just check the numbers.


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Our Portfolio

Tripp St - Show package

Tripp St


Glitched A VR Talk Show

Glitched: A VR Talk Show

Virtual Reality

Bad VR Stock Photos

Bad VR Stock Photos


MAPS: Musilm Association of Pudget Sound



Mario VR 360 video


360 Video

Proxima B 360 video

Proxima B

360 Video

Journey VR 360 video

Journey VR

360 Video

100 Severed Heads on YouTube

100 Severed Heads


Chamber 01 Clothing

Chamber 01

Clothing / AR

Watchmen Security

Watchmen Security


Collaborators and Clients

About Us

Get to know our team of industry experts.

Eugene Capon

Eugene Capon


Eugene Capon, previously a social media creative director before entering the XR field in 2016, self produced/animated the 360 film Journey VR which was shown at Seattle Fashion Week. The short film was well received and was quickly included as a staff pick by VeeR, Adobe and the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF). Soon after it was included for the steam 360 program where it was the top 360 film for over 30 days. He followed up by recreating the first level of Super Mario Bros as a 360 video which currently has over 8 million views on YouTube. His long list of companies and brands hes worked with include Microsoft, Skype, Wizards of the Coast, Altspace, High Fidelity, Go Media, Dalziel, McDonalds and Jack in the Box.

Topher Welsh

Topher Welsh

Animation Director

Topher Welsh is a motion graphics artist and UX designer from Tacoma, WA that speaks both corporate and small business. Topher has been a leader in the motion industry as the founder of After Effects Seattle User Group, and working with companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Skype, Ripl, T-Mobile, WORLD FAMOUS, Lustre, Fox Interactive Media, Emerald Downs, NGHTMRE, and many others. Topher is also an ex-radio personality in the Seattle area on Funky Monkey 104.9fm.

Tavis Hamilton

Tavis Hamilton

Executive Producer

Tavis Hamilton is a multi-media producer and development consultant who has worked extensively with major networks, agencies, and brands including NBC-Universal, FOX, Microsoft, Nike, Seahawks, UFC, General Mills, Discovery, MTV, City of Seattle, Science Channel, Lucky8 TV, Wieden-Kennedy, Pixvana, Doomsday, Strange and Wonderful, and many others. He is a passionate writer and has a long history exploring and producing interactive experiences.

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